Information About The Different Cool Photo Effects That You Can Add To Your Photo Shots

The possession of a digital camera is extremely common these days. There’s barely a household out there that doesn’t own this hi-tech gadget. Now, considering the frequent and rather common utilization of digital cameras to snap photos, impressing your family members and friends with the photographs that you have taken is no longer easy – their expectations have somehow risen above the norms. However, there’s good news, as you can now add effects to photos to make them look as if they have been shot by a professional, and impress all those around you. Here’s a bit of information about the different cool photo effects that you can add to your shots:

Add in the black and white photo effect

If you have a color photo at hand that you’d like to add an effect to, then it is highly recommended for you to use the black and white photo effect over it. Believe it or not, this photo effect works wonders and actually triggers soothing feelings and nostalgia. The best part about it is that it gives more definition and depth to the images.

Oil painting effects work wonders too

Give your photos the old canvas look and feel by adding the oil paint effect to them. If truth be told, giving your photos a more painting-like touch is only possible through an artist and it doesn’t come cheap. But you can now use your computer skills instead and add these effects to your photos within moments – that too professionally!

Add in the sepia effect to your shots

If you want to add a look of the past to your images, then the sepia effect is your best choice. The thing with the sepia effect is that it actually gives a duller look and feel to your photos by adding a bit of a light brown tint to them. What this basically does is that it fades down the image and gives it a wear and tear type appearance. So if you want to ‘olden’ up your photos, add the sepia effect to them now!

Give your photos a sketch-like feel with the pencil sketch effect

If you want to make your photos look like they have been sketched with a pencil, then it is highly recommended for you to try out the pencil sketch photo effect. It helps give your photos the kind of effect that a photo artist on the street can give by painting on paper. It is one of the most interesting cool photos effects that you can add to your shots for it adds a bit of an artistic touch to them.

There’s literally a world of photo effects that you can add to the shots that you have taken. The best part about all of them is that they can all take the beauty of your shots to a whole new level, and give them a more visually appealing and professional touch.

Using New Services to Effectively Market Your Property Online

While everyone continues to use the exact same services to advertise their properties, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be unique from everyone else. Unfortunately, it has even reached a point where people think that to sell properties online, you must only use these certain services. This is not only incorrect, but it is becoming less effective as newer technology becomes available. That being said, you will now learn about one of these new services that is rapidly getting the awareness of real estate experts from across the nation.

Currently, there is a new trend real estate experts have been testing with mixed results. They are making video tours of their properties and posting them on video sharing sites. You may have even seen or read in the news about real estate professionals doing such things, but even these innovators haven’t found the right place to post their video tours.

With traditional video-sharing sites like YouTube, all of the videos you upload are delivered to an extremely broad audience focused on entertainment. When it comes to posting video tours to help sell real estate on such sites, this can not only provide you with no leads, but it can even have a negative impact on your marketing. The reason being is because people can do 2 things to hurt your reputation: (1) give your video the lowest rating possible and (2) post negative comments about the home and/or video tour. No matter which one they choose, they will end up hurting your reputation to acquire qualified leads.

One thing to realize is this: on these kinds of video-sharing sites, all members have the same privileges. No matter if they are 7 years old or 50 years old, their comments and ratings have the same impact as everyone else’s.

Luckily, there is a real estate video web site that eliminates these risks and is designed to acquire buyers. It’s called RealeFlix, and it is a video service intended to only be used for buying and selling property. They help sellers by giving them free video tutorials and various tools to get starting with creating professional video tours. They also help buyers by giving them a number of features and tools to provide them a full perspective of your property.

The great thing about posting your video tours on RealeFlix is you know that the people viewing your video tour are interested in buying and not just looking to entertain themselves. This in addition to the fact of gas prices constantly going up signifies that buyers are interested in new ways to see real estate without having to commute everywhere. So, while everyone else is still using photos, you can be way ahead of them by not only creating video tours, but also know where to post them to get quality leads.

Photography Business Marketing

Marketing in any business is tough, and when it comes to a photography business it can also be tough. This is sometimes because of the non-commercial interest that comes in to picture when we talk of photographs adorning walls. However, despair not. You can still make your photography business a highly marketable product or indeed, service. Follow some simple rules and get off on the right track!

Decide what your photography business is going to be like

There are two kinds of photography businesses that you can set up. It can be either Assignment photography or Stock photography. In both cases, the name explains it all. Assignment photography is the kind of business where you are assigned or hired to take photographs of something. It can be any event or just someone. The event can be someone’s wedding. And that someone of course could be anyone.

Stock photography, on the other hand, is a business where you already have photographs in stock and you are selling them to interested parties. The stock photographs can be anything from flowers to nude women.

Therefore, you have two options to decide on. Basically, people start with the assignment photography thinking that it would give them a meagre but steady income. That is true to some extent but it will give you a very small audience.

Whereas stock photography business will help you reach a wider target market audience. Stock photography is recommended because that is where the potential of the photographer has better chances to be recognized.

Target your audience

When you are dealing with stock photography, you have a great chance of spending lot of resources without any returns. This is especially the case when you don’t know who your audience is. When you are out to click those beautiful moments, make sure you know who you are going to show them to. This streamlines your clients and would also help you take photos that are relevant to your market. Try sending postcards or samples of your photos to your targeted clients and see their response. This way you can make a mark among the circles you want to feel your presence.

Give them what they want

When you do present your customer’s photographs, make sure you’re giving them what they asked for. So many photographers don’t! This is important. They have chosen you because they believed that you were going to supply them with what they wanted. If you make a volte face and give them photos they don’t need, you are sure to lose them. Therefore, be very attentive to the details and give your customers what they ask for. Take notes when they tell you what they want. People rarely remember more than 7% of what they’ve been told in a conversation 24 hours later – so take notes. A happy customer means more business!

Be present at places that matter

– When I say be present, I am not speaking about the physical presence of the photographer. I am talking about exposure of your work. Advertise them wherever possible and that’s relevant. Keep the costs in line, advertising can get out of hand. Make sure your advertising in the right places. Publish your work on the net through some of the photography sites or stock houses. This would greatly increase your client base as your photographs are showcased along with the others. The sites may take a percentage of your earnings but it is worth it as you are just building your base while you are being paid. You can always start on your own once you have a considerable presence in the right circles.

– Think about organizing an internet site and drive traffic to it.

– Advertise on AdWords at and (you can now target local areas through Google)

Look for local markets too

– Join your local library that may publish your photographs in their weekly or monthly journal, ezine or newsletter. Making sure that your contact details are always available. This way you can get a foothold in your own locality.

– Go to your local florist and leave some business cards with the promise of a tip if work successfully comes your way from their referral.

– Visit your local church, mosque etc. and leave your particulars. You never know when questions are asked in these circles. Reciprocate with some free services from time to time.

– There are many venues you can work with like this, just put your thinking hat on.

Accept help from your peer photographers

Knowing some other photographers can also be immensely helpful. If they are good enough, they can show some of your collections to their clients who have some specific requirements. Even if they don’t showcase your photographs, they may help you with some valuable tips to market yourself and networking ideas.

No replacement for quality

No matter how much you market yourself, if the quality of your photographs is not up to the mark, you are definitely poised to face doom. The quality of your photographs should be the best you can possibly present and keep in mind that there’s always room for improvement. Quality most often results in recommendation and referral. Once you have a customer, never, ever skimp on quality because it’s more costly to find a new customer than it is to keep an existing one.

Photography business marketing is often a case where your photographs have to be in the right place at the right time. Do not think that it is all by chance. The truth is, it is you who will make them available at the right place at the right time just by following a few commonsense marketing rules. All the best and happy marketing!

How to Learn Photography Without Much Trouble

You have just unwrapped your birthday present and it’s what you’ve always wanted: a camera! Quickly you charge the battery, load it into the camera and click the ‘on’ button. You look at the viewfinder only to see many strange and curious letters and icons. What now? The smart thing is to figure out how to learn photography!

Let’s start with film photography since so few people know how to use film anymore. Film photographers first need to learn how to load the film properly and quickly. Asking someone who does film photography to mentor you is a great first step. Watching videos on YouTube or on tutorial websites is another place to learn the basics. Although it is important for ALL photographers to learn the basics of aperture, film speed, shutter speed, lighting and depth of field, it is more important for film photographers because they can’t erase their mistakes. It is more expensive for a film photographer to make a mistake than for a digital photographer. Another method how a person learns photography is to search for tutorials on the Internet. There is a lot of information out there on how to learn photography if one looks.

Use Various Resources and Experiment

Digital photographers need to know how to learn photography also if they are to take great pictures. Because digital photographers can experiment much more than film photographers, they can learn how to manipulate their cameras more quickly and understand the effects of each button and mode. Digital photographers can find information on photography through books, internet tutorials, internet courses, on ground courses and through mentors. I found how to learn photography first through my digital camera’s manual, which was a great source of information on all of the modes and ways of dealing with lighting and resolution.

Study Master Photographers and Their Work

When you are a bit more advanced and know your camera a little better, a great resource on how to learn photography is to study the master photographers of our time. Go to a book store or the library or the Internet and search for ‘Great Photographers’ and you will find many things to read by the best of the best. You can see how to learn photography on an advanced level by studying these photographs and studying how the photographer set their cameras and judged the lighting. Experiment. Try to duplicate some of their styles and some of their photos. By duplicating what they did, you can further understand how to use your camera and what to do in certain situations. You can also learn how to take pictures in various styles and genres. Mix it up and try various genres. You can become a photographer who knows how to take pictures in a variety of styles and this will give you the ‘Wow’ factor among your friends and family!

If you do a little research, it is very easy to find a great number of resources on how to learn photography. Have a fun time learning!