15 Markets For Your Photography Business

Annual Report Photography – an annual report needs to generate excitement and a professional image. Companies may not necessarily have staff photographers, and a freelancer for this once-a-year job is a good option.

Architectural Photographs – can be used for stock if artistic, or for potential sale.

Baby and Child Photos – you can solicit within hospitals, or advertise in specialist magazines or at child care centres.

Car Photos – these can be for professional uses, or for sales brochures or catalogs. Approach car sales yards with your portfolio.

Commercial and Industrial Photography – anything from steel mills to small electronic parts. Who would think?

Entertainment and Fashion Photography – live stage shows or fashion shows, stock photographs, or event specific. Populate your portfolio!

Food and Cookery Photography – specialist magazines and advertising.

Glamour Photography – make your model look his or her very best, this is a broadening market

Insurance Photography – capitalise on collectibles and facilitate record-keeping.

Landscape Photography – a classic theme for stock photography

Legal Photography – detailed photographs for courtroom use

Magazine and Book Photography – an endless market for general or specialised magazines.

Park and Garden Photos – in demand by publishers and photograph libraries

Pet Portraits – how cute! and pet owners will always spend money on their pets. Would a pet shop let you market to their existing customers for a split of the profits?

Real Estate Photos – pictures for real estate agents or homeowners hoping to sell their property. Real estate agents may not have the skills to take a photograph which shows the property in its best light.

There are lots of areas to sell your work that you may not have thought of. Check out my site for more information:


Funny Photos Are Cool Photos

Photo effects are one of the most popular visual tools. Photos with effects are very much different from the original ones. Photo editing applications provide users a range of choices for editing their photos. Professionals in the field believe much can be done with effects like Lomo Photography, Monotone effect, texture effects and other such effects. But the so-called fun photo effects don’t find a place in their list of favorites.

The purpose of fun photography effects is completely different. On one hand they can be used by amateurs for having a laugh on social networks or just for playing around with personal photos. On the other hand, they can be used for advertising campaigns, newspapers and magazine caricatures, funny clips on the Internet and so on.

The fun photo effects are generally easy to understand and then add to photos. If one can get the hang of it, then there’s no easier way to turn your personal photos into their funny versions. Websites containing hundreds of funny effects are there on the Internet. These websites work in a very simple way. They allow visitors to upload photos from popular photo-sharing websites as well as the local machine. The visitor can then select an effect. The rest, that is the rendering part, is taken care of by the website.

Cool, funny and funky is the new mantra of the new generation. But not all have the knowhow of using complex image-editing applications. That is why they log on to these websites and use the fun photography effects to make their photos cooler and more fun. Placing an ugly looking hat on your professor’s head or giving large geeky glasses to your nerdy, geeky friend can be fun, provided that these edited photos don’t hurt anybody.

Working with photography effects requires creativity. These fun photo effects, if used properly, can be quite a valuable addition to your photo archive. But one shouldn’t just be concerned with increasing his/her cool quotient by posting edited photos on photo sharing social networks. In fact, if you are really interested about photo editing, you should try to add these fun photo effects to your own photos as well. It will also give you something to laugh about 20 years later.

One should always remember that fun photo effects are for fun only. These effects are basically frames, backgrounds, animated elements and the like. They are not intended to merge with the photo, like the advanced effects of several image-editing applications. They can sometimes stand out in the photo and look out-of-place, but that is what makes them funny. If used cleverly, these fun photo effects have the ability to tell a funny story. One can also create customized photo effects using photo editing applications. For the predefined ones on the websites, you have to search for the effect that suits your needs the most and then apply it. All these fun photo effects are available to users across the globe through the Internet and that is why editing images online is becoming a very popular trend.

Taking Advantage Of The Opportunities Of Pet Photography

Several people will like to capture the perfect image of their beloved animal friends by taking advantage of the possibilities which exist with pet photography. As a matter of fact, some people enjoy this opportunity so much that they utilize the services of professionals so as to capture their friends in a variety of poses, outfits, and environments. When you have an interest in this photography opportunity, there are a few steps which could help you in capturing the perfect photo of your family friend. The process begins with proper grooming and then is followed by the decision to use your own photography resources or seek the opportunities which exist with an expert.

When making the decision to pursue any form of pet photography, its vital that you take care of all the steps of preparation prior to this investment. When you or your family takes the time to invest in photography, its vital that everybody looks their best through grooming and appropriate clothing selection, this is no different for your pet. Taking benefit of on-line resources that focus on pet grooming would aid you in achieving one of two objectives. The first goal is found with identifying the best tips to aid you in appropriately grooming your animal friend when you make the decision to do this on your own. If professional help is desired, the second goal is discovering an effective resource which will help you in finding the best pet grooming location that could assist you in professionally preparing your animal friend for their photographic set.

Once grooming is complete, it is vital that you have made the decision as to which photographic pursuit you’ll be using. Once again, the online environment comes in play as you would be able to profit from tips which are found online to aid you with your own pet photography attempts. Though, if the idea of utilizing a professional appeals to your best interests, once again the on-line environment is here to help. By utilizing online resources which focus on pet friendly aids, you’ll be able to discover the best pet photography location that is convenient to your area and even is a leader in this field. Through the use of a professional you will be able to have images captured which will be tough to achieve on your own.

Pet photography usually represents a huge possibility for a person or family to capture images of their animal friends for long-term preservation. Utilizing online resources which specialize in discovering pet friendly services would greatly help in simplifying your search to discover the best companies to support your efforts.

The Online Photography Training

Many photographers often wonder how to stay abreast on the latest photography techniques and trends. Photography is always evolving and changing as technology advances and new cameras, lenses, software, and other equipment are created. Savvy photographers should look to the internet to find the tools they need. Online photography training can be a great way for photographers to stay current on the latest equipment and techniques. There are a variety of sites designed to keep the latest news on photography just a click away. Proud Photography is one of the best online photography training resources available. Proud Photography teaches photographers the latest tricks and tips through a strong set of online courses, a forum for collaboration and resource sharing, and dependable online support to answer any of your photography questions.

Proud Photography is one of the best online photography training schools because of the variety of resources available to photographers of all skill levels. The online courses feature an array of topics including a basic Photography Course, Wedding Photography Course, an HDR mini-course, and the newest course on Studio Portrait Lighting. Skilled photographers will be interested in Studio Portrait Lighting where you can learn beyond the basics of indoor portraiture lighting and advance your skills to the professional level. If you are just learning the basics of digital photography, you should consider the Proud Photography course on Photoshop. Here you will learn the essential skills on enhancing digital images and how to give images a professional finish through Photoshop.

Like other online photography training courses, Proud Photography is continually updated. This ensures photographers have access to timely information on skills and equipment. A printed book could take months or years to publish, and the information could be outdated before it even goes to press. Photography training online allows for quick publication and continuous updates. Proud Photography has an active online community through the forum. Here photographers gather to share their photos and photography tips with each other. Proud Photography is more than an online training course. It provides the latest information you need to succeed in the quickly changing photography world and the online support you want in the forum and live customer support.